BP Oil Catastrophe

It’s just one insult after another to Mother Earth; I wonder when as a species we’ll just go one step too far, if we haven’t already and don’t know it yet.

I can only regard the BP Oil Disaster with stunned disbelief and incredible sadness. Like the size of the universe we live in, our tiny mammal-brains really can’t grasp large numbers…unless those numbers come in the shape and size of a large-multiple Big Gulp convenience store soft drink. Suffice it to say, it’s a huge catastro-bleep involving such huge amounts of destruction it’s hard to grasp.

I heard Jerry Moran talk on the Thom Hartman program the other day; he was saying that BP actually had control over the air space over the site of the Deep Water Horizon, preventing anyone from flying nearby to take photos. Jerry’s website has sobering, moving photos of the Louisiana coastline; check it out here.

And of course for my de rigueur laugh for the day, it was Jon Stewart’s coverage of the oil disaster on tonight’s Daily Show; I’m pleased he takes on the president and any lack of clear response independent of Big Oil. It’s the June 8th episode; the link to the broadcast isn’t up yet.

I’m off to D.C. for 5 days tomorrow. I’ll be back Sunday and I’ll post the link then. As I have a hard enough time updating this blog from my sedate home in Tucson, I guess it’s obvious that I won’t be updating anything while I’m on the road. See you soon, next time w/photos of our nation’s capitol. I’m sure I’ll look very damp in all the humidity back there.

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