Just a Few Madison Photos

Here I am with my nephew Sebastian as I play along with him during his oboe practice last week when I was in Madison, WI; you can tell there’s a smirk-gene we both share:

One rather sad part of my recent trip to Madison was the funeral, seen below, for Sponge the Rat; Sponge got out one night, wasn’t found till the morning, sustained a small injury to his front paw and died 2 days later, likely sepsis:

The surviving rat, Pat, seemed affected by the death of Sponge; so a new rat was purchased, Larry. Here is Larry’s little cage (he’s younger) next to Pat’s big cage; the 2 need to live in their parallel worlds for a few days at least to smell each other, then maybe they can meet for the first time in a safe, open space:

We went to a dog wash benefit for the Jefferson County Humane Society at the Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills, WI; we brought a friend’s dog. Check out the tall hop vines in the background:

Here’s some hops up close and personal:

One morning Sebastian made exceptionally yummy buttermilk pancakes, all of which were eaten in no time flat:

Later that same day I convinced the kids to pose for a photo during commercial breaks of the Transformers movie; Sebastian is actually smiling, and Damien looks like smiling is clearly an unsafe thing to do:

Here’s Damien with his mom sporting a much better smile:

A blurry photo of the state capitol from the lake after a long, humid day:

Off to Madison

Just a few posts ago I was so optimistic about completing another photo collage to transfer onto silk. How silly of me. Unfortunately I had some back pain getting in the way of finishing that project.

Tomorrow I’m off to Madison WI for a week of fried cheese curds and tail-gates at the boat launch. Just kidding. I generally observe my vacations sans cell phones, blog posts; my online presence is almost nil: so I’ll have another post with photos of my trip on July 24th….but not sooner. See you then!


A Daily Show Schadenfreudegasm

While I’d like to think schadenfreudegasm could actually be the 2012 Word-of-the-Year,  it’s a bit too intellectually edgy; it’ll be easily knocked out of the running by some Twitter-related derivative gerund, no doubt, that won’t require much thought.

That said, to learn how one achieves a state of schadenfreudegasm, watch THIS absolutely priceless Daily Show segment: Jon Stewart and John Oliver engage in some oneupmanship to find out who’s country–the UK or the USA–has the worst media. The News of the World phone hacking scandal is the big theme.

Desert Marigold: the 4th of 5

Feeling better. It’ll be a while before I complain about having my usual aches and pains, after this past weekend when I could barely walk! I mean, I’m used to being achy AND having some mobility. So I can at least walk around and complain at the same time!

This is the sketch for the 4th of 5 collage pieces I’m working on, all featuring desert plants/flowers; this piece is going to be 19″x23″. The sketch will be filled in with ripped up photocopies of photos I took of desert marigolds in my yard this past spring. The photos that inspired the basic shapes of the flowers, and which are the basis for the collage, are also shown in the photograph above.

I’ll start ripping tomorrow!

Collage is Done!

Well, this is the completed collage. It took an Act of God to get this done; the last few days have seen me hobbled by a subluxated rib, which is a type of dislocation where the rib articulates (or, fails to articulate) with the joint at the vertebrae, which has some cartilage . Very unpleasant business. I even called in sick which I never do (I don’t ear enough time off!).  It was a struggle to glue down a few pieces of ripped up paper every day, sigh.

But it’s done, time to either start a new collage, or laminate this to silk organza! I don’t think I’m up to much activity; so ripping up paper may be all I can do.

Hope to start a new collage soon…

Piecemeal Penstemon


I’m almost there….ripping up photocopies gets a bit tiring.  I want to have the whole collage done this weekend, so I have time to do one more before I leave for Madison WI mid-July. At this point, I’m really hoping the transfer onto silk organza will be successful; shredding paper by hand takes a lot of time, and I only have once chance to get the transfer right.