Mount Lemmon Highway Getaway

There’s nothing like a quick trip up the Mount Lemmon Highway once the temperatures start to heat up here; it’s a stunning drive from the Tucson desert up to 9,000 feet and pine and aspen forests. Not that much forest is left after devastating fires nearly 10 years ago. But it’s a beautiful drive nonetheless and today my mom and I took a lovely drive up to the top. Here’s a photo of my mom, looking very at home in a landscape she loves; I believe this is the Geology Lookout, with a view of Rincon Peak to the left in the distance:

mumsy for blog

Non Stop Knitting

The last 4 months have seen me do little typing–away from work that is–and no sewing. Why? Because I still have tendinitis in my left shoulder, which started in the middle of machine quilting my “Six Windows” piece, and that was 6 months ago.  And to make matters worse, I got a cortisone injection that only caused me more pain. So. Not much sewing going on for a while.

I have at least been able to knit and I made a simple hoodie for my nephew; here it is, hanging up after I blocked it:

051313 blog 1And here is Damian wearing it is a few days later in Madison, Wisconsin:

Damien's birthday hoodie blog 1

This is the next sweater in progress, another top down hoodie for my nephew Luke; this one has a cable down the middle: I’m getting adventurous!

051313 blog 2Aside from finally having some knitting success–thanks to the good folks at Kiwi Knitting here in Tucson for their instruction–I’ve also had some success on a larger scale: I submitted my “Six Windows” quilt to the Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibition near Washington D.C. this summer, and it was accepted. I’m very pleased, as it’s a well known national show. And I know people will really appreciate seeing it.

Six Windows Quilt blog 1