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Clare is an artist and social worker, she currently works at her local VA in a home-based primary care program for older veterans with chronic health problems. Clare moved to Tucson in 1978, when her parents came to Arizona from the east coast to open up a small bakery in midtown Tucson; she went to the the U of A in Tucson, Arizona State University and the College of Santa Fe. Clare’s art and blogging took a hit when her dad died nearly 2 years ago; getting her mom settled and all that entails, including a lot of economic instability, took a lot of her time. She plans on once again posting more frequently very soon.


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  1. Hello or as they say in Newfoundland (how are you gettin on bye ).
    My name is Denis Trainor and I’m from Port Kirwan or as it used to be called Admiral’s Cove. but I’ve lived in British Columbia since 1969. You said in your blog that your dads family came from N.F.L.D. Is your dad related to the Aylwards that live in Port Kirwan? I got your blog on the internet. I googled in Port Kirwan and the first thing that came up was your site and how you had talked to Adrian Fennelly who is about 5 yrs. older than me. I haven’t seen him for about 10yrs.. I hopeto see him this summer at the Come Home Year gig. Are you or your Dad going back this summer? If you are going back we’ll see you this summer. Bye for now. Denis

  2. I am from the cove.. You look a lot like Pat Alyward’s daughter , Brenda. same coloring .Hope you are coming home for the reunion. summer of 2010

    1. Sean, yes, I had a great time. Unfortunately the folk festival in St. John’s was the same weekend as the Port Kirwan Come Home Year, and I couldn’t do both! I heard the folk festival is great. Maybe next year. I really loved Newfoundland.

      1. Sean, I had a fantastic time in Port Kirwan; I saw so sad that the folk festival at Bannerman park was the same weekend as the Come Home Year….because I couldn’t make it to St. John’s for the festival. Well, maybe next time I make it back there!

  3. Hi We met at the Come HOme Year in Port Kirwand. YOu were visiting my mom and dad’s house (Veronica and Michael Walsh). I wish I had known you were a quilter. I am too! I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip and hope to see you again.

    1. Yes, that was a great visit, but too short; I’m glad I got to meet your dad briefly the day before, Ed O’Neill took a photo of us which he kindly sent to me, so I’ll forward it to you. It was a great time, and I know Mary was so happy to see you all.

      I hope to see you in Newfoundland again sometime soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Clare, am I right that you lived in Connecticut until 1978? If I have the right Clare, your mom made the most amazing hot fudge sauce!

    1. Jill,

      HILARIOUS. I rarely hear from anyone from my past, mostly because I don’t do Facebook. How wonderful to hear from you. Believe it or not, I think of you and my time in Trumbull quite often. Your folks were moving to Fairfield county last I knew. I really wish we’d never left.

      Would love to catch up. Will send you a short note. Yes, my mom makes great hot fudge sauce…I remember that stuff, it was always way better than the ice cream!

      Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to hear more. all the best, Clare

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