Monika’s Bakery in Sonoita, Arizona is OPEN

I was in Sonoita yesterday to check out my parents’ new bakery; it’s really very beautiful. I helped make some raspberry cream muffins; here you see a big mixer bowl full of muffin batter, which I’m about to dole out into the muffin tins in the foreground:

Once the batter was scooped in, each glob of batter got a dollop of cheese mix (sweetened cream cheese) and strawberry jam; here’s my mom, looking great, probably because for once someone else made the muffins:

And here are the muffins baking away in the brand-new convection oven. I am totally sold on this type of oven, the baking turns out much better; I want a smaller version for my home!

Moving Jam

Yesterday I borrowed a large Chevy pick up from an obliging work colleague and went to Sonoita to help my parents move 30 cases of jam:

Each case was about 50#;there were about 50 jars in each. My deltoids still hurt.  All the preserves are from the Grasslands Bakery, which closed last year when my folks sold the commercial building; bu tthey sold the building, not all the jam inside of it. Once the bakery was closed we moved all the jam to the extra bedroom at my parent’s home….where it’s been waiting, apparently, for a chance to sit on a store shelf again. Which is about to happen, because while the Grasslands may be forever closed, the very new Monika’s Home Bakery is about to open:

Above is the view of the small dining area in the new bakery; here, I’m looking down the hall from the kitchen door. Below, the view along the other side of the hall, where all the shelves are built and ready for a ton and a half of home canning:

Here are my folks in the kitchen:

And this is another view of the kitchen and the mixer and oven:

What’s very cool about my parents’ new bakery is the small residential home built on the rear part of the property, behind the actual bakery:

Right now, the plan is for the house to be used as a self-catering B&B or holiday rental; how convenient that a B&B should be located behind a….bakery! This is what the inside looks like:

What’s really lovely is the view from the back patio, which faces north; cool in summer, but guaranteed frosty in the winter; at that time of year–and at 5000 feet–the high desert has a real chill in the air: