The Grasslands Bakery in Sonoita, Arizona Is Now Closed

Well, it’s official: the Grasslands Bakery and Cafe in Sonoita, Arizona, is closed for business as of today. My parents have been trying to sell the property for a while now; and just very recently,  a buyer came forward who purchased the building and the liquor license.

It all happened quite quickly, as these things do.

Some of you may remember me posting early last year that the Grasslands was closing (read about it here). And back then, it did for  nearly 7 months; but for various complex reasons, it had to be re-opened.

This time, it’s for real.

I’m sure some folks reading this will be saddened; but it’s great news for my parents, who have been working way too long and who are long past retirement age.

Here’s one of the last lunch tables; my brother John is on the right, he came in from Boston to help with closing down the restaurant:

Just a few hours later, all those paintings and quilts came down, down, down.

Below, my mom making lunches one last time; the Grasslands has been around since January 1996, and I worked there all the time the first 6 years: I know how hard it is to churn out lots of beautiful lunch plates, it’s not exactly a leisurely activity!

Of course, the Hobart mixer was a big behind-the-scenes player in the success of the Grasslands…

…as was the Blodgett oven…

I was very happy to see that one of the few real old-timers in the area, Sonny McQuiston, made it in one last time for a bag full of danish; I remember selling him danish 20 years ago when our family had the Ovens of Patagonia and the McQuistons lived out in the San Rafael valley on their ranch.  A diet that regularly includes cheese danish clearly has health benefits. Here he is with my mom:

Once the doors were locked up for the day,we had a very short break before starting to clean up and move out. That’s Eric and Frank in the back; Frank came in from Madison, Wisconsin to help close down:

And once I’d packed up my quilts, I headed back to Tucson; here’s one last view of the Grasslands:

RIP Grasslands: a lovely place enjoyed by many for 16 years.