Gardening and Houseplants: Staying Grounded While Making Art

The world around us is abuzz with distractions that take us off our life path….and it can sure send you sideways. How to stay grounded?

Gardening and plants help me. And, in my work as a life coach, it helps my clients. I look out my kitchen window every morning to take stock of the plants in my yard….starting with the one on my windowsill:


I recently cleared out the summer tomatoes and put in winter vegetables: here’s a relaxing survey of seeds getting ready to sprout!

Here are the out-of-control end of season tomatoes and melons:

The last melon:

Below is a composting tub from a re-purposed city recycling container; these are AWESOME for making compost and are available at the Tucson Organic Gardeners, for more info click here.

Here are the seeds and potato starts–those were in my fridge all summer and they are already sprouting. Also, shallots!

Now waiting for seeds to sprout. Will update when I see signs of life.