Quilt Fiesta 2013

This past weekend was the annual quilt show by the Tucson Quilter’s Guild: Quilt Fiesta. It was a fantastic show with lots of excellent work. This year I was happy to be recognized with a third place ribbon in the art quilt category. I’ve put work in past shows, just as good as my current piece, and wasn’t a ribbon winner…so I know there are always many excellent quilts at the show. It’s just the opinion of one judge.

Quilt Fiesta 2013 with ribbon

My friend Phyllis Schaefer, who helped me straighten out my piece, won first place in the small art quilt category. She said her art quilt, Night Bloom, started out as an experiment/sampler/practice piece. It’s really cool and a great example of how great art doesn’t have to take all year and lead to¬† a cortisone shot in the shoulder (what I need now due to tendonitis from machine quilting my piece). Some of the techniques include bleach discharge and fused applique, couching, some nice quilting with ancient native animal shapes…..I really appreciate how shapes and creatures seem to morph into each other. I told her it reminds me a bit of some of Sarah Seddon Boulet’s work.

quilt show blog 1

Here’s some detail….

quilt show blog 2

Also, I thought this was one of the most technically amazing pieces at the show, an original medallion quilt by a local quilter I haven’t met, but hope to meet, Keith Dommer, called “The Learning Quilt”. It’s just really an excellent design with a lot of nice repeating elements. Keith teaches at a local quilt shop and I may take a class with him, as I think I could learn a few things! This quilt won just second place in it’s category…..but don’t worry, he also took first place, too, in the same category with a different quilt!

quilt show blog 3

Here’s some more detail…..just the piece-work, the curved applique, the cool fabrics…

quilt show blog 4

And finally, I was happily surprised to see someone–Malcolm Neifield–has finally made a Dr. Who quilt….specifically, “Dr. Who: Adventures with the Tardis”. This was my favorite TV show in my late teen years (full disclosure, I was a nerd) and I was happy to see an original quilt honoring all the doctors….though of course I’m partial to the ones from way back when.

quilt show blog 5

Can’t wait for next year’s quilt show!

The Art Quilt: Es Todo

Well, this is it, a quick snapshot of the finished art quilt project; I hung it up in the livingroom to get an idea of how it looked when I was done. Clearly, I will need a professional photographer to take a decent picture!!

But this gives you the idea, and it’s largely straight; at least, it looks straighter in real-life than in this photo.

I turned this in to the Tucson Quilters Guild last week, thus meeting the deadline for submissions for this weekend’s Quilt Fiesta quilt show at the Tucson Convention Center. This is last week’s news, I guess, but last week I think it’s fair to say the whole city was really preoccupied and stunned by the mass shooting. Anyway. It would be nice to get a ribbon at this weekend’s show; but, I’ve sold my pieces whether they’ve won ribbons or not so I’m not too worried about it.

Here are some highlights:

I just ordered some silk organza, soda ash and urea (chemicals for dyeing) and some fabric dye from Dharma Trading, THE best source for fiber art supplies; it all should arrive by Thursday, so this Saturday I can get started on my next project, which will have something to do with prickly pear cactus.