Third Silk and Paper Lamination Piece: Saguaros

I’m almost done with the last of 3 silk and paper lamination pieces: this one will be saguaros. I worked on it this week after work and then this morning. I’m still stunned that it takes so long to rip up paper, apply glue-stick and then adhere to paper; seems like it should be done in no time but NO…

I’m taking a break right now from finishing it, so tomorrow I can take both this one and the poppy one outside and screen-print on the acrylic gel medium. Tonight it’s me, a glue-stick, a stack of shredded paper on my ironing board, my dog and C-Span. Now that is commitment.

My pattern is based on this photograph; saguaros are themselves creatures of amusing and intriguing design, and when in a saguaro forest the interaction of their shapes never ever bores me: