Poppy Collage Finished!

Jeez, this took longer than I expected: total size will be 16″x 20″:

It was really cold today, by Tucson standards, and it’s going to freeze tonight, so I couldn’t laminate the collage to silk organza (because the messy process is done in my backyard). I’ll have to do that after work one day this week when it’s warmer. Then I’ll have 2 in my series (the first is the prickly pear I made last month). I just made a stack of color photocopies of saguaro cactus; that will be the 3rd design in this series. Once all are done I’ll quilt them and then hopefully frame for a triptych.

I guess I’m sounding a bit confident: I’m assuming the above collage will laminate successfully, and that I’ll have similar success with the as-of-yet to be collaged saguaros. I’ll keep you posted!


Tomorrow is my only day off this week. I have to work in my garden; it’s going to get warm here quite soon and I have beet and carrot beds to dig up and get ready for something for spring, which is a very short season around here. Maybe snow peas. We’ll see.

Yesterday I put a mitered border on the laminated silk organza piece I posted about a few weeks ago. I don’t know if this type of border really works for such a non-traditional bit of fabric….but this is just a sample. I’m going to quilt it within the next few days and see how it goes:

This is roughly 16″ x 22″.