Window Peeps

I will admit, it gets tedious piecing together these blocks; but making progress: here is an up close shot…..and then a wider angle, so you can see how many more I need to make to come close to a queen-size quilt top!

Art Quilt Update

I’m assembling my Attic Windows quilt by machine piecing the square window shapes to the vertical window pane shape–see more in the video below! But first, here is what they look like once pressed:

Handicrafts can help us feel relaxed, even when machine enabled; it’s a great time while knitting, sewing, carving, woodworking to take in information, through conversation with others or through audio books and recordings.

I always feel I retain information better when I hear it while working on a project or while walking–maybe you do, too; experiment and see if it is true for you too!

Here is a snippet of my work Monday–with some explanation; but it’s just a minute! I have a lot of machine piecing ahead of me this week!

My mom had hip replacement surgery, is doing great! Delay in posting, though; I will be doing some live instagram quilting, to make up. Stay tuned!

Couching Potato

I’m looking ahead to a long hot summer here in Tucson; save for a week in July in Wisconsin, I’m here for the next 3 months of tedious non-stop heat.

So, given that I’ll be spending a lot of time indoors (sewing, what else) I ordered MLB Extra Innings from Direct TV, which means I can watch an insane amount of baseball while I sew.  I really have a hard time just sitting down and watching TV; I generally need to be doing a task with the TV on. Only the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, a handful of great TV shows (The Wire, Rescue Me, Battlestar Gallactica, Big Love, Dead Like Me)  and a few brilliant movies are an exception to this no-couch-potato-rule in my home.

Yesterday I was able to watch a Red Sox/Oakland from Fenway and  a Giant’s/Rockies game. This is what I got done, shut in against the heat with the TV on and my pedal to the….sewing machine:

Everything is couched with yarn or silk cord. For a nice example of good couching technique check out this nice fiber-arts blog here.

This is a close up; I’m leaving some of the white from the glue-resist technique, I think it’s a nice effect, there’s not too much of it:

I just started peeling the stabilizer off the back; you can see all the knots I’ve tied!

Tomorrow night I’ll start quilting it; then I’ll cut it around the prickly-pear shaped edges, zig-zag it down around the edges, and finally put yarn or cord down over the zig-zag stitch for a different and unconventional binding.