Gary Vaynerchuk Star Chart

Gary Vaynerchuk is super successful now; but 10 years ago he was just successful, solidifying his foundation and expanding from his family wine business.  Here is his Wiki page, which is where I got his birth data. Listen to him on the Breakfast Club, just hang in there for the first 7 minutes of sports-talk it is top-notch motivational coaching. I’m first generation, so I can relate to some of his scrappy zeal. I really didn’t follow a lot of his advice in “Crush It”; but, he did get me to start thinking differently and helped me get my blog started, so for that I am grateful.

Here is the star chart for Gary.


Gary Vaynerchuk Natal

With no birth time known, I set the chart for 12 noon, but based on what I see I would bet money he was born after that, early afternoon local time.  When I first heard Gary on NPR,  the powerful and secretive Pluto had just entered the sign of the CEO (Capricorn):  it ushered in the Great Recession, but for Gary it was the start of the expansion of his business and starting to move beyond the family wine trade and into social media/media. Gary has a lot of planets in cardinal signs of the zodiac–Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer like to start new things–and they are in an aspect pattern called a t-square, which creates a lot of dynamic tension that usually gets folks like Gary to be really really active in getting things off the ground–they simply have way too much energy to put things in motion and can’t stop starting. With a lot of Scorpio, a fixed and enduring energy, thing not only get started, they get a chance to stick around and grow. Gary has planets in Aries and Scorpio; those 2 signs are the only ones ruled by desire-oriented Mars and powerful Pluto and these two signs/planets do not let anything stop them under any circumstances, which is just the attitude you need to succeed–wildly–as an immigrant, but that potent energy can scorch. I wouldn’t want to get into it with anyone with Scorpio/Aries prominent in the star chart–they truly are the 2 signs combined that do not give a f___.  Handle with care. With his Sun on his North Node there is  more of chance to be in the public eye and be a social figure, someone of prominence and influence; when ruthlessness can be channeled for the greater good, his Sun/North Node in Scorpio speaks to someone who is a real game-changer and personal transformer in this lifetime for the whole culture at large. If he was born at lunch time his North Node/Scorpio would be on the Midheaven–the zenith–of the chart, which indicates someone who inspires their generation. Scorpio knows negativity better than any other zodiac sign, and to to hear Gary’s commitment to transforming that negativity on the attached video is inspiring; so he knows something of the Scorpio journey from scorpion-eagle-dove.