Artist’s Statement

I’m an artist who makes art quilts. I love the way natural fibers glow when dyed and painted. I love the way illusions of depth are created by layering and cutting away fabric. I love that fabric, pins and needles–once used only domestically by women confined to strict social roles–can now be used for making art.

When I cut, stitch and sew I feel very connected to my mother, who 40 years ago made art quilts–though the words “art quilt” didn’t exist then. She took what few fabrics and tools were available and made wall-hangings depicting plants, fruits and insects. When I sew I often feel transported back in time to when I played with my siblings and heard the whir of my mother’s sewing machine in the background.

My quilts are largely about the Sonoran Desert. Desert plants have very unique shapes. The stark and austere landscapes in which they live evoke an infinite variety of moods depending on the weather and time of day.

My goal as an artist is to capture in fabric and thread the beauty, magic and mystery that is the Sonoran Desert.

3 thoughts on “Artist’s Statement”

  1. Claire- lovely to see this blog- getting ready to do some paper lamination and pulled up some information on it just to make sure I understand it- and found you. So glad to see that you are still dyeing and still playing the fiddle. Have you been back to Sievers ever?


    1. Stephanie,

      How good to hear from you. I haven’t been back to Sievers since I met you there in ’06, but I make scholarship contributions to help someone else get there: what a super lovely location. I hope to go back again.

      Paper lamination is very cool. The fabric, in the end, doesn’t really feel like fabric; but who cares? It still feels pretty cool and it’s just full of lots of potential. I see myself doing that for a while.

      Good to hear from you!

      1. Dear Claire,

        With the fiddle and quilting combine, I knew that this had to be you – before getting to the picture 🙂 Hope all is well with you.


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