Stephen Colbert as Dr. Strangelove

Stephen Colbert’s impersonation of Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove is uncanny, and fabulously funny: it’s at the end of this very hilarious episode of The Word. I couldn’t stop laughing, Colbert has the accent down perfectly: this is 7 minutes of absolute comedic brilliance.

I think the character of Dr. Strangelove was based on Edward Teller, wasn’t it?

Colbert Lampoons Arizona S.B. 1070

I’m stunned that S.B. 1070 was signed into law by Arizona State Governor Jan Brewer today.

The last time living in Arizona was this embarrassing was in the early to mid 80s, when  then-governor Ev Mecham cancelled the MLK holiday and referred to African-American children (I believe it was a group of kids assembled on the state capitol steps) as “pickaninnies”.

The best commentary on this sad state of affairs? As usual, during a recent Colbert Report broadcast; click here, the immigration story is 4 minutes into the broadcast.

Meanwhile, to my friends in AZ with more melanin than me:  no DWB without proof of residency. Your drivers’ license may not be good enough to prove you’re here legally; and now you’ll have to pay yourself for any jail time you incur.