2 thoughts on “Gold, Women and Sheep”

  1. Clare–
    Was great to meet you at Grasslands last weekend. Hope you will hang out at the cafe again sometime soon. Also, I, too, am an admirer of Stephen Colbert (and Jon Stewart). They are the two reasons that I sorely miss cable TV (and, admittedly, the primary reason I had it in Montana during the election). I have a HUGE crush on Stephen, to boot (have a weakness for the brainy, funny types). There I said it. Hope my secret is safe with you;)
    My other weakness is critters. Of any kind. I got your Inconvenient Polar Bear reference. And I fully appreciate your labor of love, making homemade dog biscuits. Cheers. India

    1. India, that I get a bit verklempt when it comes to Stewart/Colbert is obvious; what Gen-X female with a brain doesn’t? As far as men go, they’re the best of our generation; and, I’m better informed thanks to their programs, which is something I learned from an article in the much less informative and stunningly un-liberal NYT several years back.

      It was great to meet you, too, at the Grasslands; I’m really happy you’re working there and helping out my folks. See you the next time I’m in Sonoita…..

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