Goodbye Wildcat Dog Park

Late last fall Bearbear and I discovered a wildcat dog park near the multi-use walk/bike trail in our neighborhood.

There is a large park along the path; last year it was being rebuilt and redeveloped. At the edge of the park was a very large grassy area that was sectioned off with portable chain-link fence. It was sectioned off for months, as improvements in the area were made, and it became a wildcat, improvised and illegal dog park for a handful of neighborhood residents:

I suppose the fence was for keeping people out. It turned out to be a great way to keep people and their dogs in. The fencing was easy to get through. The only people who ever brought their dogs were very friendly, as were their dogs. Personally, I’d never bring Bearbear to a city dog park; there is such a decline in public civility these days, and there are some very aggressive dogs.

As you can see, Bearbear really loved the wildcat dog park, what a smile!:

The wildcat dog park was a fun place to chat and watch the dogs. It was fun to briefly meet and catch up with folks and their animals and watch the sunset. It was mildly subversive; because of course it was illegal. So I won’t say where it was, though the photos make it obvious. Here are some of the regulars:

Above is Maya and Kiwi, and unlikely pair that actually live together. Bearbear appeared to have a real attraction to Maya.

Sometimes there was a bit of action, often with my dog opting out, he prefers one-on-one engagements, preferably with older females (clearly, he knows that age and experience count). And then there was just a lot of wandering around:

And a lot of attentive watching and compulsive smelling:

Here’s a shot of Jazz; Bearbear would try to provoke her so he could chase her but she was generally too smart for him, she is quite the attractive girl:

And here’s Kimba, whom I met just once, a very lovely dog:

And Kiwi with  Skateboard:

Kiwi, who for such a small dog really can hold her own:

Here’s Fernie, Skateboard’s litter-mate; I hope I haven’t mixed them up, I could never keep the 2 straight:

Through November and December, we all wondered when the fences would come down and when our dog park days would end: we knew it was inevitable. And then it happened, right before Christmas: one day, the fences were gone.

Now at sunset Bearbear and I walk past the park and the grass looks inviting. It’s far enough away from the bike/pedestrian path so that dogs could run around and not bother anyone; but without the fences up, it’s not safe: there are coyotes that live nearby, and some dogs like to chase them. And there’s an equestrian path, and some dogs like to chase horses. And then there’s Animal Control. It’s illegal to have your dog off leash. I never saw them; but other folks had. The fine is not inexpensive.

It was fun while it lasted. To everyone I met at the wildcat dog park:  Bearbear and I had a great time with you and your dogs, and we hope to see you again sometime, if only as law-abiding and on-leash citizens.

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