Grasslands Bakery and Cafe Closing 01-31-10

My mom called me last Wednesday, January 13, to tell me that she and my dad just decided to close The Grasslands at the end of the month. My mom has some health concerns. Even though it’s very sudden, that’s just how it has to be. I think only people who’ve confronted a serious health crisis know how it becomes easy to just drop everything; there really isn’t any alternative.

My brother John was visiting from Boston when my parents made the decision to close; he’s going home in about….8 hours. John teaches music at Clark College in Worcester, MA. I went to visit him and my parents today at The Grasslands; here they are, doesn’t my mom look just crazy-happy? Probably because she has about half-a-dozen days left to wake up at 3:00AM to bake:

John’s piano teacher–Bernice Pomeroy–from his teen years came in to see John, and also because she heard The Grasslands is closing:

John and my dad played some music together, here they are playing a Lenorard Cohen tune:

And here they are playing a guitar duet, an Eagles tune:

And finally, here’s John playing guitar, accompanying me on the fiddle. Notice that the chairs have arms. DO NOT play the fiddle in a chair with arms. I should know better. Ouch.

John is a very gifted musician. It’s too bad he doens’t live around here, because I’d love to be able to play with such a great guitarist; he makes even the most mediocre playing shine! Oh well. One day I’ll live somewhere with great Irish tunes.

The mood was very happy. There weren’t a lot of customers. The Grasslands has been open for 14 years. It’s really an oasis, and my mom’s very kind, upbeat energy has always drawn people in; plus, she’s very good at creating a harmonious, beautiful environment–who wouldn’t want to eat in such a place?

I’ll post more photos in the next few weeks. Get in while you can for some danish.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

2 thoughts on “Grasslands Bakery and Cafe Closing 01-31-10”

  1. So nice that you are able to capture the final days of The Grasslands in such a format. It really is the end of an era. Your blog site reminds of the environment at Grasslands actually: clean and simple, easy on the eye, with a playful bent…and incorporating lots of yummy, beautiful food! Great to hear you play with your friends and with John…really a lovely swan song in these final days at the restaurant.
    PS The latest quilt photos are gorgeous, Clare.

    1. Yeah, the end of the Grasslands is the end of an era, that’s for sure; I know there will be many tourists this spring–peak tourist time in southern Arizona–who will be sorely disappointed at the closure. I don’t feel nostalgic, I feel relieved. For many reasons–none better than my mother’s health–it needs to close.

      I’m glad you liked the music. My dad is a riot singing that Leonard Cohen song.

      When you come to Tucson you’re always welcome as a guest in my home. Even though you arrived late in the whole 14-year Grasslands saga, you’re part of the last chapter. So, come on by some time. I mean it, which is why I’m posting it complete with time-stamp!

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