Tucson’s Best Window Installation

As I’ve just indicated, my life after work lately has been pre-occupied with the 2010 Winter Olympics. Even though the coverage is awful.

The other reason I haven’t posted much, though, is because last week I got new windows (made by Window Depot, a local business) installed in my house.  I am very home-oriented, and am willing to scrimp and drive an old car with no air-conditioning in order to save money for my house. Here’s a view of one of my old windows, made in the 50s:

Here’s another one. By the way, I can’t stand these windows; most of them don’t open and dust and dirt blew in through the casement cracks.

And, just to make it clear how ugly my windows were, here’s another window that got replaced:

One of the unit clerks where I work told me about a father-son team who’d installed her windows recently; she highly recommended them. Rob and Tom Saunders. They did a super job. Plus, they cleaned up after working, too. That was an unexpected bonus. I came home from work last Tuesday, and they’d popped in the bedroom windows:

The next day, the windows in my sewing room were replaced. The very yucky sills were taken out and replaced, too. You can see why I haven’t gotten any sewing done lately. The sticker on the window is for the 2009-2010 tax credit, which allows me to get 30% of my cost back from the government next year for installing energy efficient windows.

Here you can see my sadly very ignored art quilt reflected in the glass. And the gaping hole that will later in the day be a beautiful window sill.

Here’s the view from the front: 3 of my 8 new windows. Don’t they look great? Plus, they’re cleaner and way more energy-efficient. And they make my home quieter. I’m SO HAPPY. Anyone who wants windows installed, contact me and I’ll forward you Rob and Tom’s contact info. And, they do more than just windows.

Finally….the old windows. I can’t believe I put up with them for over 5 years. Yuck.

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