Dog Park Reunion

Yesterday Bearbear and I invited some of our pals from the Wildcat Dog Park over to play; we also invited their humans along, too. Jazz is the only one who didn’t make it into the photos; sorry, Jazz, you were being to crafty.  Next play-date!

Here’s Bearbear and Kiwi:

Here’s Bearbear making sure Maya knows that he’s in charge; she is so patient and indulgent of his Napolean-complex:

Here’s Checkers; he’s quite the determined and curious  fellow:

Here’s Bearbear going after Maya; I know I’m anthropomorphizing, but, Bearbear really has the hots for Maya. He just finds her too exciting.

This is my favorite photo; what a great portrait of 2 great dogs! Maya is looking quite fondly at her human, who was also getting her photo. Kiwi, meanwhile, is about to launch into the weeds and have a salad snack:

Well done, dogs. Bearbear and I look forward to another romp soon. Once I’ve gotten rid of all the weeds and spread a few tons of gravel (not kidding; that is my latest project).

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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    1. Now now now….there is nothing to put up with; they’re all very easy-going, low-maintenance animals….and they’re all so happy, too. Now if they were all like Wapek, bless his doggie soul, that would be another story.

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