Art Quilt Withdrawl

Remember this?

Yeah, I do too. I haven’t worked on it for 5 weeks!

Getting my new windows installed was part of the delay. Now I’m preoccupied about my yard, which is large and mostly not landscaped; it’s a lot of dirt for weeds and dust. Since it’s rained so much, it’s easier than ever to dig and move dirt around.

So, instead of sewing I tackled this part of my yard; I’ve dug a swale, which will be a path through the gate, and which will also channel water away from my house and down to the street:

I’m also about to get my spring/summer veggie beds in shape; here are 6 of my heirloom tomato plants, they have odd names like “Porter’s Pride”, “Harvest 24” and “Aussie” (guess where that tomato comes from); behind them are my seedlings, which haven’t done well in their peat-pots this year:

Soil amendments, and this doesn’t include my own compost, and lots of weed cloth:

I also have been straightening up the yard; as in, tree-trimming: here’s the citrus and olive tree before….

And after:

They almost look naked now. I think I got about 150# of tangelos off that tangelo tree in the back this winter.

Tomorrow, I’m getting 8 tons of gravel (I’m not kidding) delivered, and hopefully my cactus pruners will arrive in the mail: so that explains why I’ll continue to be unable to sew. Just not enough time. But my yard will look much better. The ground is soft and the weather pleasant….so I have no excuse!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

4 thoughts on “Art Quilt Withdrawl”

    1. Those tomato plants are about 10″ tall; I got them at the Food Co-op, 2 for $5. The seedlings are from that nursery over on Blacklidge and Stone Ave., Plants for the Desert.

      I’ve got 6 different types so I’ll see which ones do best; I’m tempted to have more plants, but once it gets hot, the less I have to water, the better.

  1. Nice job on the tree trimming! Lookin’ goood. I noticed “the bear” looks very happy too.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Mitch. Of course Bearbear is very happy; all he needs to do–from his perspective–is eat, sleep and protect me from rabbits and cats. Oh, and eat a few biscuits each day.

      Tackling the yard is going to be a big chore. It’s huge! I wish I could put my dog to work……

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