Irish Music at O’Mally’s in Tucson: an Aris Debut

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I should be out celebrating, but I have to be at work in the morning; so it’s been an early evening, limited to just a couple pints of (too cold) Guinness.

Here’s a photo of our 2 hour gig at O’Malley’s; it seems like anyone who plays–or claims to play–Irish music in Tucson was at O’Malley’s tonight, even the Scottish 7 Pipers Pipe Band marched through the huge bar a few times (after our gig, thankfully). I played with Anton (guitar), Margy (vocals/bodhran) and Don (flute/whistle); Margy had the idea to call our ensemble Aris (pronounced airish), which I think in Irish means “again”. Here’s Don, me and Margy; I’m in my favorite crushed velvet:

And, not to leave Anton out…’s a shot w/Anton on guitar:

The guy who mixed sound did great; I think we sounded pretty good. Thanks to O’Malley’s for hiring us. It was lots of fun; thanks to Margy, Don and Anton for making it possible to play great tunes together!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert; yes, it's hot in the summer, but there is a lot of space and the winters are lovely.

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