Garden Update

I’m off to Boston on Saturday. I’m leaving this blog behind and just taking my fiddle and a small carry-on. Nothing personal, blog. I just like to make a clean break from the routine every now and then.

I’ll be on the South Shore; and Dorchester, where some of my 3rd cousins (my Newfoundland grandmother’s brother’s grandchildren, if I got that right) live, they’re having a brunch for me Sunday, YUM. I like visiting Boston. It reminds me of my childhood, and I remember a lot about that area from the 70s.

Here’s the yard update; I can’t wait to get this project more close to done so I can start to sew again:

I cleaned up the northwest corner, now devoted to compost bins and….my new beehive, whenever it arrives (hopefully before the bees, that would be a good thing):

This is just a shot of what I’ll fix up when I get back, improve that path with the 2 tons of decomposed granite I have left:

Here are new perennials I got at the Tucson Botanic Gardens annual spring plant sale 2 weeks ago, I made a soaker hose from an old garden hose, mulched the plants, and I’ll cover this area with nice gold decomposed granite, eventually:

It looks a bit bleak, but compare it to this, 10 months ago:

Yuck! Isn’t that chain link fence and oleander horrible? I had to live with that for 5 years. And the too-close-for-comfort view of the duplex rentals next door?  When the wall went up 9 months ago I was very very happy:

See you next week!

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