Tucson Belly Dance Recital

As I’ve disclosed here before, I’ve been taking belly dance classes since January. It’s been great for reducing my back pain. But it’s been a challenge to show up for class, despite the very obvious gains I’ve experienced, because I’m not in my early 20s anymore, and even when I was, I didn’t have the kind of lithe, toned and curvy body that makes for some hot-looking dance moves.

This, for example, is a photo from a recent belly dance recital–where my class performed as one of the acts: this is Lindsay, in her solo number, who looks absolutely fabulous:

Now, you have to admit, that looks like some hot dancing. It was!!

Here she is in the center, with my instructor, Jessica, on the left. Sadly, Heidi, who had a very lovely green costume, is hidden:

This is Josie, I hope I’m spelling her name right, who’s in my class but who is way more advanced; she had the most consistent smile and she genuinely looked like she was enjoying herself, which I admire:

In addition to never having been the skinny-type, I’m also very much an endomorph; that–combined with age and gravity– is a set up for a lot of sag over time and space. My friend Danielle took photos of my class performance: in 1/3 of them, I’m pleased to say, there is not a lot of obvious sag-factor.

Not surprisingly, I probably am looking my best here during the last move of our act:

I was quite relieved to have survived! I practiced an awful lot for this–it may not look that way!–and in the end it was hard, but fun.

Here I am mid-way through the number, clearly a half-beat behind everyone else, and my farmer’s tan from working out in my yard is very evident:

Here’s one last shot.

You’ll know if I didn’t chicken out if I post photos next time there’s a class recital!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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