Last of the Landscaping!

Six months after starting my yard renovation I am pretty much done. I am so relieved. Things look really tidy all the way around, thanks to a final total of 23 tons of decomposed granite!

The last 12 tons of decomposed granite was delivered to my home last Thursday. A very competent and small landscape business here in Tucson–Green Thumb Landscaping–shoveled the first 6 tons, and did some major improvements to my front yard; believe me, I needed the help, my huge backyard has been enough work for me!  I highly recommend their work.

The last 6 tons was shoveled today by my mom and my new friend Mike, whom Bearbear and I met at the wildcat dogpark last year. Mike generously offered his time this morning and helped out: thanks to both to my mom and Mike!I had yummy apricot muffins and fresh coffee to get things going, and we wrapped up well before it hit 100+ degrees.

Here’s my mom and Mike hacking away at the last ton of rock; my back was a bit screwed up this weekend due to a  sacro-illiac joint sprain (just one of many in the past 10 years, I’m sad so say), so I was just so thankful for the help:

Here’s just a small snapshot of one part of my yard after all the work today: it’s great to finally having everything looking great! No mean feat, given it’s the driest, hottest time of year.

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I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

2 thoughts on “Last of the Landscaping!”

    1. Thanks Norma Jean; I do think it looks pretty good. I’m finally pretty much done with the huge yard project; it was great to get help from my mom and Mike. I’ll be curious to see how many weeds I get once we start getting our summer rain….

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