New Corgi!

This isn’t the best photo; but sometimes it’s hard to get dogs agreeable to a camera flashing, and then the red-eye light blinking….most of the time, when I try to take a photo of my dog inside, I wind up with only his backside, which eloquently expresses his feelings about being photographed.

But tonight I acted fast and got this shot. The bigger dog is Bearbear, my corgi mix who’s been my dog buddy for almost 3 years. The smaller dog is Baxter, a bona fide corgi with AKC papers and a pedigree; I told Bearbear he’ll have to learn to curtsey, now that we have a dog of a different social class in our home.

Baxter is 10 next month; his owners died last year and he’s been in a couple different homes since then. For a 10 year old, he looks awfully good; and the way he chases, retrieves and returns a ball/frisbee, you’d think he was 2. And he won’t stop. In fact, if you don’t throw the ball fast enough when he brings it back he barks at you. It seems that a tennis ball is the equivalent of crack cocaine for Baxter.

Anyway, this is our first day together; Baxter came to our home through the Arizona Cactus Corgi Rescue. I saw Baxter’s photo on their website, learned more about his personality, and after some thought I offered to give him a home. So far he’s low-key and quite the gentleman.

But when the tennis ball comes out, it’s a different story…

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

3 thoughts on “New Corgi!”

  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. You did a lovely job on this. Hope things are going well. Quilt is beautiful. Very inspiring.

    1. Lillian, I had a lovely call from Pat Aylward yesterday, and I remembered to tell him happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good holiday. I appreciate your kind words about my quilt, too. Between the quilt, work and the dogs my days are quite busy!

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