Another Belly Dance Recital!

Twice a year, my belly dance instructor has a “Friends and Family” recital for all of her students; some take her classes through Pima Community College, others (like me) take her classes at the Historic YMCA building. Everyone from beginner to advanced participates, if they wish. This is the second time I’ve participated. I know it’s supposed to be fun, but I find it really nerve-wracking, though I don’t really show it (my fingernails tell a different story) and I try to focus instead on making for a positive group experience.

Here’s a photo of me, Dawn, Alejandra and Yvette prior to our performance; the 4 of us are in class together. The costumes are cute, though I think next time I’m going to have to spray myself with Fake Bake because the farmer’s tan doesn’t really go with belly dance attire. Plus, I blush easily.

Yvette’s little sister was kind enough to take some photos of us. I’m supposed to be smiling more and not looking at the ground so much; I think I was the only one looking down a lot, but, on the positive side, I also managed not to trip and fall by being so vigilant.

I must admit, I do look like I’m worried that carpet is going to reach up and attack me:

I think all my classmates look really great!

Here’s a shot of (from left to right) Heidi, Lindsey and Jessica, who perform as a troupe; they have some great moves and this particular choreography had a lot of humor in it:

If I tried something like this I’d just bump into my fellow dancers….

…but they make it seem so easy. Ha!

While terrifying, I’ll continue to stick with the belly dance. It’s bad for my fingernails on the day of a performance, but the rest of the time it’s good for my back and overall health.

Plus, my instructor and my classmates are all really friendly, fun and upbeat.


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