Machine Quilting is DONE


Well, it’s all machine quilted! The image probably doesn’t look much different than it has for the past few months on this blog. But, trust me, it is different because every square inch is quilted!  Up close, a lot of it looks like this:

And for the past 4 weeks, my dining room table has looked like this:

And this:

The remote is important for channel surfing while sewing.

The last 5 days have been a real push to get it done. I had to take some time off to tend to the yard; we had a deep freeze (19 degrees F. at my house a couple nights ago) several days ago, and that means covering frost-sensitive plants and picking all the citrus. My tangelo tree was loaded with juicy tangelos, which, if exposed to frost, would make them dry and inedible. So, I picked them all:

Today it felt great to be done quilting (it’s taken me 4 weeks!).  I finally got my dining room table back:

And all my thread is put away:

Now I have to straighten up the piece, put on a binding, make a temporary sleeve and make sure it hangs straight….and then presto, I’ll be done!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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