I’m embarrassed to say that this is what the curtains in my house have looked like for the past……6 years.

My mom made these for me years ago when I lived in a different house, with different windows, and they looked GREAT there.

Over 6 years ago, when I bought my house, it came with the original 1958 ugly drafty casement windows; and I just wanted to cover them up with anything possible. So I used the old curtains.

A whole year ago, I posted about the new windows I had installed to replace the ugly ones. And since then, I haven’t changed the curtains. Too busy landscaping, sewing, etc.

But that changed last week. Enough, I realized, was enough. I put my nose to the grindstone and measured, cut, and sloppily top-stitched 12 different panels for my windows; and then I dyed the panels yellow, because my adobe brick house is dark. I also painted the window trim yellow to match. Yellow is a high-value color, and normally it would be too bright, but in a dark house it works well.  I would’ve been done sooner but got a bit crippled by neck pain and then a sprained sacro-illiac joint, and my birthday was in there somwhere as well.

Now things look a lot brighter:

Here’s the sewing area….

I’m very pleased. It looks less gloomy.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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    1. I try to wait until Joanne’s Fabrics has a 50% off sale on their Sulky rayon thread and then buy it then. I am really fond of Mettler 50 weight cotton thread, and I love Aurifil, the Italian 50 weight thread for my bobbin. That thread collection is quite modest by many standards, and it’s been years in the making!

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