White Bread

Good white bread is as close as I get to junk food. I would fail at giving up refined foods because of this. Instead of buying stuff I think of as not-quite-very-healthy, I decide if I want to eat it I have to make it from scratch: it’s fairly easy, after all, to pick up a bag of Newman-Os or an OK loaf of sourdough from Trader Joe’s. Making it takes some effort.

I started a loaf of bread this morning and let it raise during the day while I was at work. By 10:oo tonight I had a nice loaf:

That’s my pope bottle-opener there on the bottom.

I haven’t baked bread in years. I took the recipe from the Treasury of Newfoundland Dishes, it’s the second bread recipe called “White Bread”. Yes, I did spend much of my life in a bakery; but I can’t always remember proportions. I think the recipe called for too much salt.

I just had a hunk. Yummy. But not as good as the white bread my cousin Pat’s wife, Betty, makes every week in Newfoundland.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

2 thoughts on “White Bread

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself Clare; , when you’ve made as loaves of bread as Betty Aylward has made I would bet that yours would taste as good if not better. Did you say that it tasted a little on the salted side You will find that a lot of the recipes in the NFLD COOKBOOK have to much salt in them. That bread looks delicious. I wish that I lived close to you so I could go over and have a slice or two.

    1. Thanks for the tip of the Treasury of Newfoundland Cooking; you’d think I could bake a decent loaf of bread, as my parents have owned a bakery for so many years, but I’m really out of touch with baking bread.

      Plus, the ingredients are a bit different down here; and the climate, as well, all of which affects bread making. I’ll try again soon.

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