The Drawing Studio: Unprofessional Start to “Profesional Practices” Class

I mailed a $165 check to The Drawing Studio last week, payment for a 6 week class called “Professional Practices” (scroll down to the “advanced” classes for dates/description). I thought it would be helpful and fun to learn skills to better promote my work.

I arrived at 6PM today with one other student. We couldn’t find our class. A helpful young woman told us she didn’t know about our class; she said our instructor had just left for the day, she offered to call her. We listened as she made the call, and when she was done she told us that the instructor had forgotten to email us that she had decided to delay the start of class for a week.

I really wish the instructor had at least the good sense to make up a sympathetic story. Fender bender OMG I can’t make it!! My dog got into some chocolate–we’re at the emergency vet!! My car broke down!! I’m sick and I meant to call but I’ve been throwing up all day SO sorry!!

It would be impossible and uncharitable to criticize a legitimate excuse. But to simply “forget” to contact us about a decision to “delay” class? Look, I have a job all day at a hospital. My free time is spent making art. I left home early because I knew I’d have to find parking downtown (I parallel parked between 2 giant cars). I made arrangements to get to class on time.

I guess I find this unprofessional and somewhat ironic behavior for an instructor teaching a class called….Professional Practices. If I’d gotten a phone call or email today while I was at work telling me there was going to be a last minute delay….fine. All my contact information was on my class registration.  Quite frankly, if I’d gotten home tonight and found a voice mail or email with a hasty apology….even that I’d shrug off as flaky Tucson behavior (this is SUCH a town of slackers) and I wouldn’t be writing this.

But, no.

I’m going to write and request a refund, though they say they won’t offer refunds 2 weeks prior to class starting. I’m asking anyway. Maybe The Drawing Studio is so successful they can do whatever they want. If so, I’m better off at home Wednesday nights with my dog.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

3 thoughts on “The Drawing Studio: Unprofessional Start to “Profesional Practices” Class”

    1. I day after I mailed my letter, I received a thoughtful voice mail that addressed my complaints; so, you know, that helped so I’m going to give it a go when class starts this Wednesday.

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