Post-Grasslands Adjustment

I’ve been very tired this week; last weekend–closing down the Grasslands–was exhausting. I’ve been busy moving stuff around my house to accommodate the art and dry-goods I took from the bakery.

For example, all my books were once on this wall…

…but I moved them to this corner to make room for the art my sister gave me, when the Grasslands closed, and which now needs a home.

Then, in what I hope is an exciting turn of events in my quest to make frames for my art–especially the new paper laminations I’m making, which I don’t think look great in a traditional quilt binding–I found a deal on Craigslist last Tuesday while I was just browsing. The ad had just been placed for this mitre trimmer….

which can be best thought of as a kind of paper-cutter for picture-frame-sized wood, as it trims already mitre-cut wood to a smooth finish, and…

…the same folks who had the cutter also had this picture joiner, which is a handy way to clamp and staple–with v-nails–the mitre-cut frame wood:

I’m going to give these a shot tomorrow I hope! Almost ready to get back into the art-making.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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