New Bicycle

I got this new bike yesterday from Roadrunner Bicycles; it’s a Giant Cypress DX.  This one is red, the same color as my first-ever bike when I was 5.

Just recently I was reading a bicycle magazine while I was at the dermatologist (in this climate, with my complexion, I need stuff burned off annually). When I saw the magazine I picked it up because I thought I’d like to ride again some day. The Giant Cypress was reviewed in the magazine as an affordable hybrid “comfort” bike.  After that, I had a very bland “eureka” moment (my generation is a bit disaffected) and thought this could be a good idea. I did my research over the next few days and learned lots of tallish and slightly wide-ish people like me have had good success with this model as a commuter bike.

The folks who helped me at Broadway BicyclesRoadrunner Bicycles –Elliot and Paul–were very helpful. It was a low stress environment, and the whole process of being sold a new bicycle (even though I already had the model in mind before getting to the hop) was very pleasant and charming. I really appreciated the friendliness and enthusiasm.

My last bicycle didn’t fit me, and riding it caused too much pain: had to stop. I used to ride to work several times a week; looks like I’ll be able to get back into that very soon, especially as my ancient Mazda just completely conked out in traffic yesterday, and will be towed to my mechanic tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “New Bicycle”

    1. It’s not only great, it’s comfortable, something I didn’t really think was possible with a bike. If I can hold up without any pain (I was having bad Achilles tendon pain on my old bicycle, and it left me limping for a few days) I’ll feel good about my investment. I’ll let you know!

  1. Hey Clare!

    I hope the bike is working out well for you. Don’t forget to come in for your routine maintenance! I just wanted to let you know of a slight typo, you said Broadway Bikes in your article I think you meant Roadrunner Bicycles.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and see you in the shop.

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