Pincushion Update

The pincushion is coming along. Here’s the base, a large vitamin bottle cap with blue felt stitched around the sides with dyed silk yarn:

The base, in theory, will sit on some flower petal shapes:

Here are the shapes, the one the top is finished, the other three need to be sewn and have the bit of batting stuffed inside:

This is the painted rayon/silk fabric that will be stuffed with batting and stitched around the base to resemble something faintly round and will be stuck in the pill bottle top:

Since I have no bulk polyfill, and since today is a no-car day for me (bicycle only) and since I have no interest in pedaling to the fabric store, I chopped up some fusible polyester batting I have gathering dust (why would I ever use polyester fusible batting?) and I think a handful of this stuff chopped will provide an un-lumpy pincushion stuffing.

Pressure is on. Pincushion exchange is in 3 days! I just hope mine will measure up. I don’t want to have the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Pincushion.

I got some ideas for this pattern from this excellent (miniature) pincushion pattern:

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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