A Quilt Making Evening

Isn’t this amazing? Last night the ladies in the quilt group I attend–the Sharp Women–met at my house; this is just a partial view of Becky’s Double Wedding Ring quilt top, complete with amazing piecing AND very impressive needle turn applique on the border (the flowers and vines, which you can’t see too well here). Becky is hiding behind the quilt top, above…. but she is helping to hold it up. It already look like a complete work of art and it’s not even finished yet!

We alternate meeting at different homes. My house is the smallest, and the last time everyone was over we hung out in the back yard, during the day, to dye fabric.  But I recently upgraded my dining room table, so I can fit more folks around it: here are (starting on the left): Linda, Diana, Becky, Manya and Kenci:

I did make a pretty good chocolate bundt cake, which is barely visible on the table, probably because it’s almost gone.

Not everyone fit in the photo (again, my house is small); here are Judy and Katie:

It’s always fun to meet up and see what everyone is working on, share tips and even knit! Yes, even knitters are tolerated and encouraged. Phew! Because I’m not quite done with my sock yet!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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