Arizona Spring Training Trip

Today I took the day off and went up to Suprise, Arizona, where the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers share a spring-training facility; I went with my friend Abe, with whom I work. He’s a walking baseball dictionary. I know a fraction of a percent of what he knows about baseball. We had great seats along the first base line.  Here we are at the ballpark, in the middle of a game between Kansas City and the visiting California Angels. Or Anaheim Angels. Or Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles or whatever it is they are now.

This season California will be a big contender in the AL West with their celebrated acquisition last year of superstars Albert Pujols, shown here at bat….

…and C.J. Wilson from Texas, who pitched 6 innings today and was really hot. Wow. I can see what the fuss is about.  I guess I was expecting more of a relaxed vibe from the players, but the game was actually played really well and the pitching was excellent: I don’t really have a chance to see that sort of thing up close that often so what a treat!

Surprise Stadium is very comfortable. I look forward to the regular season starting soon, Opening Day is just around the corner.

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