Log Cabin At Last

My brother Frank is getting married in September, and I’m making him a traditional log cabin quilt; I’m making 56 10 inch blocks and want to create a “barn-raising” style log cabin. For more info on what I’m talking about, click here; Log Cabin is a quilt block with infinite possibilities. I’ve seen some amazing artistic twists with this traditional design.

I’m using as many different fabrics as possible. My good friend Phyllis suggested I get a folding clothes-drying rack to organize my strips; this was a good idea, and this is how my strips looked a week ago:

062413 blog 1

Phyllis said this would be a good way to get organized. It worked…..except I ran out of room and had to improvise and hang up strips on some twine strung across the ceiling:

062413 blog 2

As with a lot of my my projects, so much seems to be about the planning and setting the stage; the actual execution  generally goes quicker. It’s important to actually see your strips as you assemble the blocks, as one half of the block is made up of dark fabrics and one half is made up of light fabrics.

Here’s how the blocks look now: this is just the first dark layer; there will be 3 dark strips and 3 light per block.

062413 blog 3

And there will be 56 of them!!

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I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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