Jon Stewart As Glenn Beck: A Daily Show Gem

As a complete blogging amateur, I’m already guilty of my first broken link the last time I gushed like a school-girl re: Jon Stewart. But, as  my non-existent Jewish grandmother would say about the comedian, “what is there not to love?” and I feel impelled to share his latest bit of genius. Jon Stewart is not just really funny; he’s an honorable newsperson.  And he’s a bleeping comedian. While he would probably cringe at this, he’s on par with Bill Moyers.

Thursday night he gave a tour-de-force as Glenn Beck; it was amazing. And yes, that’s right, I used “tour-de-force” to describe….Comedy Central programming. There was a great blurb in the Huffington Post about it; hopefully, this time my attempt at link-love will pay off and you can both read about it and watch it there.