A Daily Show Schadenfreudegasm

While I’d like to think schadenfreudegasm could actually be the 2012 Word-of-the-Year,  it’s a bit too intellectually edgy; it’ll be easily knocked out of the running by some Twitter-related derivative gerund, no doubt, that won’t require much thought.

That said, to learn how one achieves a state of schadenfreudegasm, watch THIS absolutely priceless Daily Show segment: Jon Stewart and John Oliver engage in some oneupmanship to find out who’s country–the UK or the USA–has the worst media. The News of the World phone hacking scandal is the big theme.

Another Daily Show Smackdown with Fox TV

As a quilter I like it when small bits of things are patched together to make something that looks different: check out this Daily Show montage. It’s quite funny. Though I wish folks would just ignore Fox TV so it would cease to exist.

Yeah, right. See me at camera three….for my fantasy world!

One of the Best Daily Show Episodes

Last Thursday Jon Stewart’s program was one of the best entire episodes, ever:  (watch it here). Great coverage to the Anthony Wiener sex-pics scandal (warning: there is a cotton-covered junk shot), he did a super interview with Bill Moyers and had a pizza epiphany as he provided viewers with a guide to NYC’s best pizza parlors.


Work Week in Review

Aside from dithering about my cloud fabric dilemma described in the last post, after work this week I managed to dye some yarn I got from Dharma Trading. It’s a very yummy silk/cotton blend and here’s the hank, fresh out of the box:

Only once, long ago,  did I jump into a hank before winding it into a ball….with very sad, tangled consequences. So on one recent weeknight in my neighborhood, this is what my viewing of the Daily Show looked like:

I love my yarn-ball-winder-thingy: it makes very neat and tidy balls of yarn. My hank was transformed into something I could actually use, rather than just tangle up.

That interview on w/Jon Stewart was great, BTW, w/Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was jailed, beaten and tortured in Iran due to his appearance on the Daily Show, when the program taped in Iran earlier this year.  I like to do something while watching TV; the very passive act of watching TV is highly problematic for me, which of course makes me a definite minority.

The next day after work I dyed my yarn and rinsed it in the kitchen sink: here are the finished colors:

Now comes the weekend….so much exciting fabric and yarn! Spoken like only a true fiber geek.