Scott Wilson’s Wisconsin Unionbusting Move: A Daily Show Clip

Some of the best analysis of the news is, of course, on the Daily Show; last night was no exception, with this insightful and hilarious assessment of the current fight in Wisconsin to protect the rights of the working class.

Go Badgers! I wish I were in Madison. I’d easily picket at the state capitol. Arizona is, after all, a right-to-work state.

The Nazi Analogy on Cable News: The Daily Show Gets it Right Again

The recent stratospheric increase by cable-TV news hosts and pundits alike to recklessly use the word “Nazi” was the subject of a recent hilarious episode of the Daily Show.

Watch the segment here: guaranteed to make you laugh!

It’ll make you long for the days, not too long ago, when there was no 24 hour news. And that was a very good thing.

Work Week in Review

Aside from dithering about my cloud fabric dilemma described in the last post, after work this week I managed to dye some yarn I got from Dharma Trading. It’s a very yummy silk/cotton blend and here’s the hank, fresh out of the box:

Only once, long ago,  did I jump into a hank before winding it into a ball….with very sad, tangled consequences. So on one recent weeknight in my neighborhood, this is what my viewing of the Daily Show looked like:

I love my yarn-ball-winder-thingy: it makes very neat and tidy balls of yarn. My hank was transformed into something I could actually use, rather than just tangle up.

That interview on w/Jon Stewart was great, BTW, w/Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was jailed, beaten and tortured in Iran due to his appearance on the Daily Show, when the program taped in Iran earlier this year.  I like to do something while watching TV; the very passive act of watching TV is highly problematic for me, which of course makes me a definite minority.

The next day after work I dyed my yarn and rinsed it in the kitchen sink: here are the finished colors:

Now comes the weekend….so much exciting fabric and yarn! Spoken like only a true fiber geek.

Jon Stewart As Glenn Beck: A Daily Show Gem

As a complete blogging amateur, I’m already guilty of my first broken link the last time I gushed like a school-girl re: Jon Stewart. But, as  my non-existent Jewish grandmother would say about the comedian, “what is there not to love?” and I feel impelled to share his latest bit of genius. Jon Stewart is not just really funny; he’s an honorable newsperson.  And he’s a bleeping comedian. While he would probably cringe at this, he’s on par with Bill Moyers.

Thursday night he gave a tour-de-force as Glenn Beck; it was amazing. And yes, that’s right, I used “tour-de-force” to describe….Comedy Central programming. There was a great blurb in the Huffington Post about it; hopefully, this time my attempt at link-love will pay off and you can both read about it and watch it there.

Art Quilt as Blog Banner, or, Birth of a Blog

I’ve wanted to blog for a while, but always found a reason not to.  I first thought about blogging during last year’s ginormous financial meltdown, when the only person (surprise) providing any real useful information was John Stewart. Does anyone remember that episode when he found the conch? That summed up so accurately the spirit of desperation then. When I saw that, I thought: I really need to have a blog.

Then, a few months later when Capt. Sully Sullenberger landed that plane in the Hudson, I thought: I should be blogging! That was absolutely brilliant and heroic. I was really annoyed with myself then that I didn’t have a blog.

So at that point, I started thinking about what my blog would look like.  If I blogged.  And I started to build the art quilt that would be my blog banner. I took my time, of course; I don’t like to rush; and, more importantly, I really favor a more introspective approach to blogging. And I wanted things to look right.

So, to start, I turned to my trusty overhead projector:

birth of a blog 1

As you can see, I still remember some Palmer method from grade school. I colored in my cursive; then I added in a free-hand fiddle, button accordion and sewing machine to sum up the tangible blog-themes I could think of:

birth of a blog 2

Then I realized I’d forgotten the bow:

birth of a blog #3

Then I took it outside and sponged on dye. I had to dye the fabric and throw it in the washing machine a total of three times before I got the look I wanted, which was something like this:

birth of a blog #4

After I was done dyeing the fabric, I quilted it together and–voila!–my banner was finished. As were my excuses. So, welcome to my blog!