Irish Music en route to Tucson….

Last year I met David and Roz when they came to Tucson from where they live in Kilshanny, County Clare, to visit their family here.  At that time, I’d just been playing the fiddle for 6 months after a nearly…..7 year break. I’d quit for 7 years because there just was no Irish music scene in Tucson–nothing worth my time– and I didn’t see any point in playing; it’s a social music, after all, and you can’t play it in a void.

Anyway. David knows any awful lot about Irish music; hell, he lives in County Clare. They’re coming back to visit Tucson later this week. No doubt we’ll have some good tunes.  Last time he was here w/Roz I gave them a small bit of fabric “art” that Roz liked; it’s not an original design of mine, it was a project I’d started in a class in 2005 taught by Velda Newman, who is famous for her quilted fruits, vegetables, flowers and fish, among other things.

Here is a photo from David and Roz’s Kilshanny kitchen, featuring the little quilted cantalope I gave them last year:

I was very honored that they liked this enough to hang up in their kitchen. Kitchens after all are very important places; the most important part of a house!  Can’t wait to make it back to Clare one day…

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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