Port Kirwan Come Home Year: A Newfoundland Reunion

I’ve always thought it a bit bizarre that I have relatives–and quite close ones at that–who are from Newfoundland. I mean, how many people can say that? It’s a small, isolated part of the world and a largely misunderstood one at that. Rachel Maddow’s mother is from Newfoundland; so that’s already a very positive indicator.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go there. I think I’d really like it; I love austere landscapes. I’m less fond of the cold and damp but can make due for a short period of time.

Looks like 2010 is going to be my lucky year because in the little village where my grandparents–and my very favorite aunt–were born is having a reunion:  it’s called the Port Kirwan Come Home Year.

I contacted a distant cousin, Deanne Aylward, who lives in St. John’s and who has a rental home in the village; she says she’ll rent it to me for the reunion and I’ve already offered to provide a deposit. My Aunt Mary says she’ll make the trip, if she’s still alive and kicking (she’s in her very youthful mid-80s); she was born in Port Kirwan, and if she can make it, so can some of my other kin: and that means you, O’Neil and Aylward cousins: you know who you are!

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2 thoughts on “Port Kirwan Come Home Year: A Newfoundland Reunion”

  1. HI.
    My name is Sean Coady and I am originally from Port Kirwan.I left there in 1986 and currently reside in St John’s NL.I don’t get to visit “the cove” very often but I look forward to the reunion.When you grow up in a small town the first thing you want to do is leave it as soon as you can.When you get a little older you want to return.I find myself in that place now. Come and enjoy the place and it’s people and I assure you will not be disappointed.

    1. Sean, I’m looking forward to the Come Home Year and seeing where my grandparents (Aylward/O’Neill) are from. Living in a rural area is hard, economically; there’s always more job prospects in cities. And then, it’s developmentally appropriate (and often inevitable) to leave one’s home-town and family and place of origin to try and make a go of it in the world; and then like you said, as you get older you often find that you like and miss that which you tried to escape from. It’s funny (as in: interesting funny, not ha-ha funny) how that works.

      I look forward to meeting you, too. Should be fun. BTW I’ve heard only great things about St. John’s. I’m bringing my fiddle!

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