Garden View During Heat Advisory Today

When I got up early to watch the French Open today, I could see through my kitchen window that my night blooming cereus was blooming: it’s the first bloom of the summer, and in the photo above you can see a little purplish bud in the lower right-hand corner promising more giant white flowers soon.

I took a few photos during the commercial break. Here are my cukes; beans and canatalope, compost and my beehive in the background, along with too many bales of straw–the soaker hose irrigation seems to be working just fine:

Things look kind of lush for Tucson, given we had a high heat advisory today (now, that is always remarkable around here in June; that means it really is hot). I think it was 107 Fahrenheit today.

Here are my sunflowers, hollyhocks mixed in with more standard desert/xeriscape perrenials like verbena, penstemmon, russian sage, desert milkweed and of course my very big blooming agave:

Hot, hot, hot. I’ve managed to create a bit of a “micro-climate” in my yard, though.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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