Some Midwestern Bellydance Practice

I’m  in Madison, Wisconsin for a few days to visit with my nephews aged 5 and 12. I’ve always really liked it in Madiso and have thought about moving here; but I’m not convinced I could cope with the long winter . Tomorrow I’m going to a broadcast of the off-beat radio show Whaddya Know and then back home the following day.

Photos of my trip will be posted when I get home. But I will leave you with this link to a bellydance costume site; because my latest investment has been in the turquoise costume–it’s on the bottom row–for a December bellydance class recital. Yes. It’s true. One thing I’ve learned is that practicing bellydance is hard work, and it makes you warm up pretty quick; which is handy in this climate, because Madison WI in late-October is like Tucson on the coldest winter day! I’ve been practicing here during my visit just to feel warm!!

Clearly, if I think this is cold, I may find myself in Tucson for a long time. Yesterday, it was in the mid-40s (not including the wind-chill) and folks were out running in shorts. Geez. I was out on the running path bundled up in hat, gloves and a winter coat!

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