Brief Trip to Madison Wisconsin

I was in Madison the past few days to spend some time with my 2 nephews. I traveled the day after the big wind event that shut down the airports. On the well-known Picnic Point path (above) at the university, it looked like the stereotypical fall we imagine in Tucson, where there’s no such thing.

Here are Sebastian and Damian, my nephews:

I brought a few balsa wood planes to toss around; Damian just loved them:

After three days of throwing the planes around the yard, they looked in sorry shape were held together with scotch tape; they flew with a few parts missing. Damian has a great photo-smile, but the moment I raised a serious issue he didn’t like, he looked like this:

Basically, he looked like I was threatening to make him eat the plane for lunch.

I took Sebastian to Michael Feldman’s Whad’ya Know radio show:

Some broadcasts are better than others, and this one was a bit sluggish; Sebastian was bored, and I was too, so we left at intermission. We’d conveniently seated ourselves by the closest exit.

Looking forward to my next trip; if I’m really brave I’ll show up mid-winter to ice-skate.

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