A Corgi Christmas Card

This is the Christmas card I just got from Arizona Cactus Corgi Rescue. The theme this year is Corgi Shantytown, given the economy.

Vicki, the corgi rescue group founder, sent me the image at my request so I could post it. Vicki said that for the past 8 Christmas Cards, she’s had the following themes:

“…Santa and Reindeer, The Nativity (including a live Burro), The Christmas Choir (Bark the Herald), a 7′ Christmas tree out of Hay bales with each dog being an ornament, Santa’s Workshop, with lots of little elves, “Do You See What I See”, with a huge dog bone coming down from above, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, with the Peanuts Characters, and then this one. ”

Ha ha ha. I don’t know what sounds funnier and improbable to stage: corgis as Christmas ornaments, or as Linus, Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I was Linus in my 2nd grade production of a Charlie Brown Christmas, only because the 2 second-grade teachers agreed I was the only one smart enough to remember the words to the Gospel of Luke soliloquy Linus does at the end. I wonder what Corgi personality would fit that role?

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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