Another Quilting Update

OK. I’ve got about 1/3 of the quilting done, though you can’t really see all the detail here:

As a result I’ve got some tendonitis in my right shoulder from shoving the scrunched up quilt through the small square-shaped hole between the part of the machine with the motor and the part with the needle: I believe this is technically called the “throat space”. It’s very small on my machine.

I quilt on what you know as a sewing machine but what quilters now quaintly call a “DSM” (domestic sewing machine) because you can now buy (if you have the funds) super fancy quilting machines that quilt for you, practically.

So, between that and a killer migraine I’ve lost 2 days of quilting!! I really need to get this done, but I also don’t want to be headed to the orthopedic surgeon for another cortisone shot anytime soon. I had bad rotator cuff related tendonitis a couple of years ago when I tried to change the way I bowed my fiddle tunes. What a painful experiment that turned out to be. It’s kind of sad because I really need to push through now to get this done (my Christmas present this year? a whole day of quilting! uninterrupted!), even if the net result is a finished quilt and a repetitive strain injury.

More pics soon. But it’ll be a few days.

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I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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