New Doors and a Window

This is the door I painted last weekend. The same father-son team that installed my windows last year put in the door; they took of the steel security door  so I could paint that after work.

It didn’t take too long:

Here it is, finished:

I love my door! The old one was poorly installed; weatherstripping was hanging from the top; the screws holding in the knob were stripped and several times a week I had to use my sewing machine screwdriver (a very small one) to temporarily tighten up the knob.

I asked the guys to take off the security door on the east side of my house, too, as I figured I might as well paint that sad looking and largely unused door:

This door is part of the (inadequately) built addition on my house, in the room where I sew. Here it is after some paint (yellow is supposed to be good for north-east-facing doors, according to feng-shui design principles, though this is probably more east-north-east):

And here it is with the security door:

Probably what I like best is my sewing room transformed from this…

…to this, after swapping out an ancient air-conditioner (I never even turned it on once in over 6 years, thinking the thing would likely blow up if I did) for a cheerful window:

I had piles of tools in my livingroom for part of the week…

and I spent hours after work painting (lucky it’s light till almost 7PM now). No art work done for this week. And I still have to clean my house from all the dust!

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

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    1. Yes, it’s looking pretty good, though they disconnected my front door light in the process….and have yet to fix it. Though I haven’t paid them everything yet, either!

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