In the Kitchen at the Grasslands Bakery

I spent a little time yesterday at my parent’s bakery, chopping lemons for lemon marmalade:

Here’s my mom making lunch for some customers; she’s looking pretty spunky given how hard she works! I’m always amazed at how cheerful my mom is, I wish I could say I inherited this disposition.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

One thought on “In the Kitchen at the Grasslands Bakery”

  1. Clare, you may remember me or not from the irish jams at the rincon mkt. I used to give lessons up a mtn music store.
    We retired about 6 years ago and moved to Williamston, SC and now I am playing alot of bluegrass fiddle.
    Wanted to let you know that my wife Barb and I are in Tucson til jul 12 and today we drove down to the Grasslands Bakery on purpose to have lunch. Had a great talk with your parents,,,nice people.
    Also found out that you go to Ashville NC (about 1.5 hr north of me) just to fiddle. Is that the couple wk thing called Fiddle on the Green? Have not been there yet.
    I left my bus card with your parents.
    Will you be going to the fast jam at rincon mkt this Tue Jul 5? I will be there this one more time.

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