An Afternoon at Fenway Park

My brother John took this nice photo of me last Thursday at the Red Sox game. The last time I was at Fenway I was 10 and my dad took me and my younger brother; and we left in the 8th inning when Boston was down 5 runs to Baltimore. I really loved watching baseball on TV as a kid. I think the basic idea of the contest was really clear to me, then; but my team–Boston–always lost. It was impossible to feel good, really, about being a fan; but I feel better now, as I still have all my baseball cards and they’re worth something!

Last Thursday’s game reminded me of those days; Boston was shut out 11-0, what a spanking to remind me of how it used to be. It was fun to be there, though. There really isn’t anything like it.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert!

2 thoughts on “An Afternoon at Fenway Park”

  1. Spent many of my summers watching the game at Fenway Park. My college wasn’t too far away from there.

    1. Where did you go to school? How fun that must’ve been….back when tickets were a song! I think going to a baseball game and socializing around the event is just so much fun, there’s so much to watch and talk about.

      Thanks for your nice comment!

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