An Afternoon at Fenway Park

My brother John took this nice photo of me last Thursday at the Red Sox game. The last time I was at Fenway I was 10 and my dad took me and my younger brother; and we left in the 8th inning when Boston was down 5 runs to Baltimore. I really loved watching baseball on TV as a kid. I think the basic idea of the contest was really clear to me, then; but my team–Boston–always lost. It was impossible to feel good, really, about being a fan; but I feel better now, as I still have all my baseball cards and they’re worth something!

Last Thursday’s game reminded me of those days; Boston was shut out 11-0, what a spanking to remind me of how it used to be. It was fun to be there, though. There really isn’t anything like it.

Author: Clareannette

I love working and making art in the Sonoran Desert; yes, it's hot in the summer, but there is a lot of space and the winters are lovely.

2 thoughts on “An Afternoon at Fenway Park

    1. Where did you go to school? How fun that must’ve been….back when tickets were a song! I think going to a baseball game and socializing around the event is just so much fun, there’s so much to watch and talk about.

      Thanks for your nice comment!

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