Boston Photos: I Miss Being Back There

As I mentioned previously, I had a lot of fun at Fenway Park last week; the big fat girder was a bit of a problem, but not really when you consider I paid for bleacher seats to get in!

John and I got our photo taken by a very nice fellow at the ball park.

I’d met John right before the game at the Park St. T-stop; I don’t know the T that well, but I do know it’s the subway stop I try to avoid because it’s ancient, cramped and always in a state of repair. But outside is the placid Boston Common, where I waited for John. I’ve long wondered who gets to live at the very top of these cool old buildings with trees and gardens on the rooftops:

While thinking about this, I observed a lost-looking fellow in 18th century costume:

The next night we attended a fund-raiser in Dorchester for our 2nd cousin, Pat Tranford, who has melanoma. Pat has great stories about growing up across the street from CCN news anchor John King–you’d never know from his bland voice he’s from Dorchester. Unfortunately, if I repeated any of these stories I think I’d have CNN attorneys forcing me to shut down my blog, and after that suing me for everything I own. Pat is such a sweet guy. It was a crowded hall, I just stayed at my table buy my aunt Mary was up and about getting in everyone’s photos and meeting friends and distant kin; here she is with Nancy O’Neil, and unknown O’Neil or Tranford, Katy Miles nee Tranford, and Mary’s daughter Megan, with whom I stayed.

The next night Megan had some family over for dinner. Here’s John with Aunt Mary, trying to remember the words to I’ve Got You Under My Skin.

Lots of fun. Looking back to my next trip back!

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2 thoughts on “Boston Photos: I Miss Being Back There”

  1. The next time you do go back. There is a great seafood restaurant – not sure if it’s there any more – No Name. It actually has no name. It’s down on the Boston Pier. Mom and Dad use to take me there when it was just a small little diner with the stools up to the counter and a few booths. You had to wait in line for hours. Fish right off the boats and into the kitchen. Lots to see and do especially if you love history. Love seeing your posts. I’m on facebook if you are there too. Take Care

    1. You know, I remember folks (i.e. relatives) talk about that fish place, and I think it may still have been around in the 70s when I was a kid, but I don’t know if it’s still there. I bet you have great memories of Boston. I’m sorry to say I’m not on facebook. I just don’t have enough time. Thanks for the post. šŸ™‚

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